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1. Where can I find Adult Swim in Canada?

Adult Swim shares channel space with Cartoon Network, airing programming for young adults nightly from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. ET/PT. The channel number and availability for Cartoon Network varies depending on your service provider, click here for the Channel Finder (link to channel finder)

2. How can I find my favourite show?

For a complete schedule of current Adult Swim shows, click on the “SCHEDULE” link above.

Is your favourite show not playing? You’ve probably noticed that the Adult Swim schedule is constantly changing. That’s because we often add new shows to our lineup to keep our schedule fresh and sometimes that means we give other shows a bit of a rest. While we know it’s disappointing when a series you love stops playing, we are sure that you’ll be able to find new favourites amongst all of the fantastic shows on Adult Swim!

3. Why does my favourite Adult Swim show air in the U.S. but not in Canada?

Unfortunately, while the Adult Swim programming lineup does feature many shows currently being aired on the U.S. channel, the schedule is not exactly the same as the schedule offered in the U.S. Canadian viewers have access to the best of Cartoon Network’s programming that has not been seen before in Canada, as well as past Cartoon Network favourites and select Adult Swim titles.

4. Can you play my show more often, or at a different time?

Many viewers ask us to program their favourite shows differently – sometimes earlier, sometimes later, sometimes more often. Changing the schedule for your favourite show usually isn’t possible, but we do our best to bring you an amazing lineup!

5. I have a question that isn’t included in the Frequently Asked Questions, how do I find out the answer?

Use the form below to drop us a line. A Cartoon Network representative will respond as quickly as possible.

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